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Why is wing foiling the sport of the future?

The answer to this simple question is just as simple.

  • wing foiling is simple to learn, at the sea or lake
  • very little wind is needed for the wing foil to lift itself out of the water
  • the wing foil gives emotions that are impossible to explain. The rising from the surface of the water and sliding, flying over it in total silence. Adrenaline, emotion and magic.
  • Wing foiling is not tiring.
  • The wing foil is easy to transport, and thanks to the inflatable board, it takes up very little space. In a backpack 80 x 80 x 20 cm you can keep the whole package.
  • The wing foil is suitable for the whole family.
  • Wing foiling can be practiced at all ages.
  • The wing foil frees you from stress, relieves you from the daily monotony.
  • Wing foiling is a way of life.

How to start wing foiling?

The wing foil is made up of three elements: the wing, the board, the foil.

Those who have already taken some sailing, windsurfing or kite courses can easily try and learn independently as they know the simple rules of how to face the wind and the various directions.

Those who, on the other hand, have no experience of wind-related sports, with a few hours of lessons at one of our REPTILE AFFILIATED WING CENTERS, will be able to become independent and continue this magnificent experience on their own.

We have created two families of Complete Packages from Wingfoil:

  • Pack Wing Ufo Zero, perfect for beginners, cheap, complete with everything (inflatable board, wing, foil and all kinds of accessories)
  • Pack Wing Ufo Hero, perfect for starting or progressing, complete with everything (inflatable board, wing, foil and all kinds of accessories)

All the information on how to choose the board, the wing and the foil can be found in the various categories. In case of doubts, our customer service is always active: