Hydrofoils Set

Hydrofoils Reptile. Flying connected to the earth, inspired by nature.

The great revolution in our water sport comes from the great studies on high performance airfoils that began a century ago. Man's creativity has no limits, and today it is possible to fly always connected to our planet Earth. We are terrestrial, nature has not endowed us with wings or gills. But we managed to invent an object, the Hydrofoil, to fly on water, in total control and symbiosis with the two elements: Air and Water.

Hydrofoil Selector:  Aqua Lift or Aqua Glide?

Reptile Aqua Lift.

For a beginner with no major windsurfing or kite foil experience, we recommend going on the new Aqua Lift. Its main feature is that it never anticipates the rider's movements, which results in greater control. It will never catch you unprepared, its every movement is intuitive and slow. Perfect for those who need to learn and improve!

Reptile Aqua Glide.

The perfect set of wings to progress to an advanced level! Three measures to complete a learning journey that will take you to a level of skill you never thought you would reach!

Foil Selector: which mast length to choose?

We are the only ones to offer three different mast lengths to match our Aqua Lift and Aqua Glide platform foil sets:

  • Aqua 45cm mast. Suitable for beginners with no experience of marine sports or sea areas with shallow water.
  • Aqua 65cm mast. Suitable for beginners and intermediates.
  • Aqua 85cm mast. Suitable for beginners, intermediates or experts.