Windsurf masts Reptile Fibra

Windsurf masts Reptile. Legendary performance.

It didn't take long for the Reptile Fibra, emblematic, characterized by an out of the ordinary level of detail accuracy and used by the most disparate riders around the world, to become one of the ambassadors of ours, of your Brand. Users acclaim its natural ability to adapt to all sails on the market, its design and attention to detail, which contribute to making it immediately recognizable in the universe of windsurfing masts. A twenty year long history.

Windsurf mast selector: Which mast to choose?

Windsurf mast Reptile Fibra 40. Developed for beginners, it maintains all the characteristics of compatibility with the sails on the market at an affordable price for everyone.

Windsurf mast Reptile Fibra 80. The most resistant windsurf mast in the world, intended for wave seekers, for those looking for reliability as their main feature.

Windsurf mast Reptile Fibra 100. The windsurf mast among the lightest and most performing in the world.