raw materials

The source of excellece

Unidirectional carbon fiber, biaxial, epoxy resin… The choice of materials is an essential link in the production chain which, step by step, leads to the creation of exceptional products. It is therefore not surprising that the selection of the best materials made by Reptile Sports follows extremely strict criteria. Each mast is made with materials chosen with care and constantly examined to ensure unsurpassed performance and flawless aesthetics.

T700 HS Carbon Fiber
(230-240 GPa / 4000-5000 MPa)

A Reptile mast must work perfectly and withstand even the most extreme conditions. This is why Reptile Sports uses T700 carbon fiber for the FIBRA 40 and FIBRA 80 models, which has high tensile strength values ​​(greater than 4000 MPa) and standard values ​​of Young's modulus (around 240 GPa). To put this into perspective, the value of the steel is 21GPa.

T800 IM Carbon Fiber (290-295 GPa / 5500-5600 MPa)

The Reptile FIBRA 100 and REVERSE masts stand out for their lightness and performance, the result of years of refinement in the use of this precious material. Only by controlling the entire production process, Reptile Sports is able to guarantee the unrivaled lightness of its masts and paddles.

For the FIBRA 100 and REVERSE, Reptile Sports uses only the T800 Intermediate Modulus, an extraordinary fiber created for the aerospace market, which has even higher values ​​of tensile strength, (greater than 5000 MPa) and high values ​​of the Young's modulus (around 290 GPa).

0/90° CBX- Biaxial Stitched

The exclusive CBX is the meeting and union of two Unidirectional Fibers through a precise sewing process, which ensures an increase in mechanical properties of over 20%. Unlike the twisted fibers of the TWILL and PLAIN materials, the non-curled parallel fibers of the CBX bear much better strain immediately after undergoing a load. Furthermore, the stress points detected at the intersection of commonly intertwined fibers are eliminated.
Reptile Sports uses this special Carbon Fiber on FIBRA 100 SDM and as a reinforcement in the boom area on FIBRA 100 and 80 RDM.

Epoxy Resin Matrix

The selected supply chain of Reptile Sports raw material suppliers has developed a special Epoxy Resin Matrix for its Windsurf masts, in order to guarantee beauty, resistance and functionality over time even in the most adverse conditions. The strength of the bond between the resin and the Carbon Fiber is the secret and the success of all the pre-impregnated materials used by Reptile Sports.

how we do it

Every component of a Reptile product is carefully designed and constructed by a highly skilled multidisciplinary team of designers and engineers; they successfully take on daily challenges – combine a technical solution with an attractive, modern and state-of-the-art design.
The best quality 100% certified Pre-Preg Carbon fibers are selected and laid on the most advanced CUTTING PLOTTER for composite materials.  At this stage the layers of pre-preg are cut followed by a perfect digitized pattern.
The Pre-preg Carbon plies are applied to a male mold in different angles to get strength, flexibility and perfect bend curve. The orientation of the UD fibers is automatically controlled. Less expensive manufacturing methods like filament winding are unable to lay enough fibers at zero degrees and may have more variation on resin content.
A special super strength release film is used to get the first compression to the lay-up of our Reptile Mast to remove part of the air. This solid film does not allow any resins to escape.

Now we need more pressure to consolidate the laminate, and heat to initiate and maintain the curing reaction. The perfect tool for Reptile Masts is one of the most updated Autoclave with integrated vacuum chamber, totally automatic programmable control of temperature, vacuum and pressure with a separate unit of data recording. The pressure exerted on the layup is up to 7 Bar at 125°C. The autoclave molding process produces laminates of high quality with minimum void content, and control of laminate thickness is much better than the other construction methods.
After the cure time, the male mold is removed and the Reptile mast is refined and cleaned. The connection Joint is perfectly sanded with the maximum accuracy to prevent the masts from getting stuck while and after using.