10 reasons

Quite unusual, to choose Reptile

Do you really want to read the usual 10 reasons why choose our Brand over another, the usual "we are the best, we are the coolest, our stuff is stronger, it costs more, it costs less, we innovate, we do, we say ...", or do you want to hear something different?

Cool Number

Stand Up Paddle? yes, with Style!

We go SUP wearing a cool shirt. Because if you have to do it, do it with style. Also great for those leaving the office. Do it yourself and send us the photos!

Reptile Test Centers.

With us, even flags become protagonists. Look for the Reptile flags at the beach. You will not find a treasure, but an excellent Stand Up Paddle or wing Foil center. Or she flew out from Gruissan, France on this 45-knot day. In that case, please return it to us, thank you.

Sometimes we go big. Sometimes we go Jaws, Hawaii.

We have the most amazing riders. An example, Danielino Di Rosa. Danielino is one of the few Europeans to have surfed the huge Jaws wave, in peace and without having said anything to anyone. In an era where people also post ingrown toenails, Danielino mind his own business, he's the strongest waver in Europe, but he doesn't care. We love Daniele.

Sometimes we go Guinness World Record.

Vincenzo Manobianco has written another page in the history of Reptile and world Stand Up Paddle. After having won, in addition to various Italian titles, a prestigious 3rd place at the World Championships in Thailand in 2023, our team rider from Bari wrote his name in the Guinness Book of Records as "The Most 360° rotation on a Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) in one minute is 20, achieved by Vincenzo Manobianco (Italy) in Bari, Italy, on 3 September 2023.”
Well yes, Vincenzo Manobianco performed 20 rotations on himself in one minute, on the Reptile I-Rider 9'0'' x 31'' Stand Up Paddle board. The only one in the world to have succeeded.

Sunbathing, Supbathing!

Let's face it clearly. Stand Up Paddle can be tiring. It's of course great, it tones, strengthens, makes you explore... but everyone says this, how boring... But we tell you that the board is perfect for sunbathing. Tip for men: leave your Reptile board in the water, tied to a buoy. Go for lunch. When you come back, you will find it like this.


Since 2003, our distinctive brand image has steadily developed across an ever-expanding range of products, price points and markets. Our products, divided into the three divisions Wing Foil, Stand Up Paddle and Windsurf, constitute one of the best-known families of water sports brands in the world. Faithful to a Made in Italy design, our mission is to continue to grow a lifestyle brand capable of embodying the dreams and aspirations of all lovers of sea sports and, thanks to the vision and direction of Andrea Cella, enthusiastic communicator and tireless, arousing curiosity and attracting even those who would never have thought of practicing a sport linked to the sea. We combine consumer information with our design, marketing and planning capabilities to offer an increasingly simple, functional, high-performance and accessible product.


You are our drive and the center of our universe. We want to have direct contact with you, who are the users of our products. As great enthusiasts, pioneers and expert developers of water sports, we constantly communicate our experiences, our projects, the history of the products we constantly develop. We want to continually keep you updated on new materials, how to use our materials, and how we push our products to the limits of their potential. But at the same time we live to listen to you, your questions and feedback are essential to the continuous improvement of our products and our sport.


The right performance at the right level. We do not design cheap, low quality or low performance products. The Reptile program involves developing the right performance suited to every level of skill and experience.
There is absolutely no point in starting a new sport with high performance equipment. You would be wasting your money, your time and your enthusiasm, because you won't be ready for that kind of performance. We are the only ones who can recommend the correct material for your level.


The right price for the right product. Exclusivity can be the downfall of our sport. We are lucky enough to have a huge space available to practice our sport, a space that others envy us. We have 70% of the Earth's surface all to ourselves! We therefore want to make the practice of Wing Foiling, SUP and Windsurfing truly accessible to anyone, without descending to the level of "economic quality". Too high a price represents a brake on the development and spread of this sport. For this reason we have developed the entire entry level part that we distribute exclusively and directly to you, equipment on which you will build solid foundations in a very short time, having fun, which will raise your level. Only in this way is it possible to maintain a high quality standard at a selling price within everyone's reach.