Our mission at Reptile Sports is to inspire the dream of a better life through pure emotions, a sense of well-being and the unique and timeless lifestyle linked to the watersport and the beach. Inspiring the dream of a better life is not about material status, it's about a life filled with purpose, emotion, and a sense of freedom that never goes out of style.

Inspire the dream of a better life through pure emotions, a sense of well-being and the unique and timeless style of a lifestyle linked to the watersport and the beach.
Reptile has always placed research and development at the center of its activity with the sole purpose of constantly improving the reliability and performance of its products.
And thanks to the internal mastery of almost all the trades and processes related to the design and manufacture of its products, the Brand has never stopped pushing the boundaries of the art of composite material linked to sea sports. It is by repeating the same gestures that one improves and perfects one's art. This is as true for athletes as it is for us producers. From the repetition of multiple phases of the production process, the idea of ​​the most revolutionary and innovative mast in the windsurfing world was born: the Reptile Reverse.
All of our products are tested to the extreme, but before this stage, there is the design and production. Men and women dressed in white, computerized work benches, the silence of concentration: in the Reptile laboratories there is a feeling of absolute serenity and devotion to the quality of work. If on the one hand they enter into a historical continuity and pass on an ancient tradition, the Reptile technicians daily project the art of carbon and tailoring into a new dimension thanks to the extraordinary industrial tool at their disposal.
We are aware that the wonderful marine environment in which we live and develop our products is viewed with distrust by many "land" sports practitioners. It is certainly easier to ride a bicycle or rollerblading, more accessible and perhaps less complicated. We at Reptile have an entire Research and Development department dedicated to entry level products, We want to make Wingfoil, Sup and Windsurfing suitable for everyone, both in terms of learning and costs. And that is why some products, some KITs, are sold exclusively through our B2C website and not through our network of physical distributors, in order to give you the best quality / price ratio to start a new sporting life.
The style of Reptile is unique, acid green among the black carbon fibers.
Our designer has the role of maintaining a style on the border between elegance and flamboyance.
At Reptile, perfection is in the details.
At Reptile, we are proud of our work and we believe that to understand what it means to sail and fly with a Reptile product - the meticulous accuracy of the details, the performance, the immediate feeling - there is no better way than to try it.
Reptile products have always been used on the most important race fields in the world. Winner of countless titles, the brand is always looking for new talents with whom to establish a collaborative relationship that allows both to grow and improve year after year.
Nowadays, the 95% of windsurfing sails are designed to be rigged with a constant curve mast.
No windsurfing brand in the world produces windsurf masts in their warehouses.
We build windsurf masts, and any other object in carbon fiber.
The use of certified materials of the highest quality allows us to create masts with a superior dynamic response, that is the greater ability to return to the original setting if subjected to deformations caused by the wind and the rider.
In addition, the special cylindrical connection ferule in T900 carbon, which acts as a connection between top and bottom, gives the mast an increase of about 20% of reflex.
An "advanced level" composite material refers to a structure in which the high quality raw material and geometries work in perfect harmony, optimizing performance.
This is the nerve center of Reptile, from where the idea that still nourishes the passion of the staff was born.
In Reptile fibers there is sacrifice, passion, technology, quality, research and development and thousands of hours spent in testing.
All this makes Reptile one of the most technological producers of carbon fiber materials in the world.
Reptile offers a wide selection of products for three sports disciplines, Wingfoil, Windsurf and Sup, designed to meet the needs of every enthusiast, from beginner to expert.
To make a good product, the first rule is to have a high quality raw material.
Your dreams and moments of fun depend on us.
When you are in the water you want to have fun, train, challenge yourself.
We take care of the rest.