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Wet Magazine

New Wing Range 2025 Online! Wing Bora Boom Handle

The name says it all. The program is to provide you with everything you need to be the most relaxed on the water. The Wing Bora Boom Handle is the perfect solution, and here's why:

New Wing Range 2025 Online! Wing Alpha, the wing of tomorrow's champions!

Considering the rapid development of wing foiling, we prefer not to overstock and flood the market with outdated equipment at the end of the season. Instead, we continuously update our products to always offer you the best.

Sup I-Racer Junior. The board for young champions!

If you want your kids to truly enjoy an innovative sport like SUP, don't settle for a simple inflatable bought at the supermarket! It would be like giving them a bicycle with flat tires.

Ufo Hero, a name ,a program.

Discover the new Ufo Hero, a board in which we have enclosed everything that current inflatable board technology could offer.