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Reptile News

Windsurf Trip.A trip to Viana, Portugal.

Holidays, an element of the equation that allies with you to be able to play with the day-to-day organization and with the weather conditions for windsurfing. And at that moment we were, suddenly a good forecast on the horizon, just one detail to take into account, the graceful spot was about 10 hours away and about 10,000 km.

Wing Foil. How to choose your first wing. And not get fooled.

Anyone who begins to be interested in wing foiling today may find themselves in real difficulty in evaluating the quality of what the second-hand market (or even warehouse stock) offers. The advice to prefer a Wing of very recent production must not be seen as a mere commercial or marketing promotion, but as...

Barcolana Fun Sezione Wingfoil powered by Reptile! try and win!

Take part in the Barcolana FUN challenge whenever you want, wherever you want!!!Choose your favorite spot from Grado to Portorož between 30 September and 6 October. Thesessions must in fact be recorded in spots throughout the "enlarged" Gulf of Trieste, within the chosen time window and must be shared on the same day in a specific WhatsApp group where you will be inserted after registration.Sign up for free on the Barcolana website in the section dedicated to the BarcolanaFUN event. First place goes to a new Wing Bora V2 3.0!!

News 2024! Try not to like it. Wing Bora 2024

Wing Bora 2024, more compact, more rigid, more lift, cooler. The long stiff handles? we already had them. Without getting too philosophical.