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Barcola: The Water Sports Paradise in Trieste, Italy

Welcome to the page dedicated to our favourite spot. We are a tribe, a community, and in our language, a spot is a place where you can find the ideal conditions for practicing the disciplines we love. Barcola is more than just a spot for us, it is THE spot! The most fascinating and versatile location for water sports in Trieste where you can experience a unique and unforgettable WET experience, whether you are a fan of stand up paddle (SUP), windsurfing, or wing foiling. We grew up here and continue to have fun and train constantly; it's the place to be. Much more than a simple place for water sports, it's a point of reference and meeting place for both experts and sea enthusiasts alike.

61,5 km

of coastline in the province of Trieste

188 km/h

maximum recorded speed of the Bora wind


Osmize (local small family taverns) in the province of Trieste

45°40’51.9”/ 13°45’16,975” 

45°40’51.9”/ 13°45’16,975” 

45°40’51.9”/ 13°45’16,975” 

45°40’51.9”/ 13°45’16,975” 

45°40’51.9”/ 13°45’16,975” 


In Barcola, waves are rare, appearing only with the Libeccio (south/west) wind. This prevailing absence of significant waves makes it an ideal spot for activities like SUP, a discipline that benefits from the calm, flat waters that are often the most common condition here. Smooth seas and tranquillity allow for paddling and enjoying the landscape, with spectacular views between Miramare Castle and its Marine Reserve and the Lighthouse, elements that define what we consider our WETground.

We’re Wet. We Ride, fly, foil, paddle. Let Water Be Your Wet ground. 

We’re Wet. We Ride, fly, foil, paddle. Let Water Be Your Wet ground. 

We’re Wet. We Ride, fly, foil, paddle. Let Water Be Your Wet ground. 

Whenever, wherever, whatever, Wetever. 

Whenever, wherever, whatever, Wetever. 

Whenever, wherever, whatever, Wetever. 


The Bora is more than just a wind for the people of Trieste. It’s the protagonist of legends and stories, embodying a rich local culture filled with anecdotes and sayings. It’s one of the unique features of Trieste, and when it blows strong, it makes its presence felt throughout the area, shaping the city's daily life.
A gusty and capricious wind, the Bora blows predominantly at dawn and dusk, reaching Trieste through one of the Bora Gates, a passage in the Dinaric Alps between Mount Nanos and Mount Nevoso. Often, it’s Barcola that enjoys the gusts – the famous "refoli" – of the lighter Borino, creating the perfect conditions for sailing, windsurfing and wing foiling.

Barcolana and Barcolana Fun

It’s not possible to talk about Barcola without mentioning the Barcolana, a highly attended sailing regatta held in October, organized by the Società Velica Barcola Grignano. It has become a well-established tradition that has put Trieste on the global map, promoting nautical culture and water sports.

Less known but equally important to us WET people, the week before the Barcolana features the Barcolana Fun. This series of events includes a variety of activities such as SUP exhibitions on the Molo Audace – a city symbol in front of Piazza Unità that literally extends into the Gulf, offering unique views – as well as speed contests and photoshoots featuring windsurfing and wing foiling at Barcola.

Our Manifesto


We admire those with their feet firmly on the ground, but we are the ones with our feet on the board—those who defy gravity, suspended between sky and sea. We find freedom in water, living for the wind, the waves, and the sea. We are unafraid to immerse ourselves in new worlds and discover authentic emotions. It’s us, and perhaps you too.



We explore the yin and yang between land and water, transcending the boundaries of daily routines and duties, immersing ourselves in the WET ground—a symbol of freedom, adventure, and unparalleled emotions. Our aim is to balance daily life with escapades into the water realm, where we find inspiration and essential harmony.



Sometimes, the silence between sky and sea while wing foiling transports us into complete harmony. Other times, stand-up paddling gently guides us into a new world. We close our eyes, breathe deeply, and a smile emerges spontaneously.



We enable you to discover the world from a fresh perspective. We guide you to places you’ve always seen but never truly observed. With our passion for water sports, you’ll uncover hidden wonders, viewing nature through new eyes. Every corner of water and coastline becomes an opportunity for adventure—an invitation to explore and marvel.



Together, we’ve reinvented the experience of immersing ourselves in a broader world, where we all stand equal before the beauty and strength of nature. We liberate ourselves from conventional attire to embrace authentic emotions, boundless adventure, and deep respect for our environment. We learn to respect the rules of water and wind, achieving a perfect balance. Deep down, we all know—we are Wetever.