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Wing foil board Reptile.

Reptile has always placed research and development at the center of its activity with the sole purpose of constantly improving the reliability and performance of its products. And thanks to the internal mastery of almost all the trades and processes related to the design and manufacture of its articles, the Brand has never stopped pushing the boundaries of the art of composite material linked to sea sports.

Our new collection of Wingfoil boards represents a new challenge, focused on achieving the highest possible performance combined with the simplicity and convenience of transport and use that only inflatable boards can offer.

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I-Ufo Zero.

Have you seen someone wingfoil and you said to yourself: it's beautiful but I could never do it? Then this is the right board for you. The I-Ufo Zero collection includes two boards that have been specifically designed to teach you to wingfoil in a simple, effective, fast and economical way! Stability is their strong point. The I-ufo Zero 205 is the largest inflatable wingfoil board you can find on the market. Suitable for the toughest of beginners, it is the favorite of all Reptile affiliated schools. The I-Ufo Zero 150 is instead the wingfoil board suitable for both beginners and intermediate level, the freeride board par excellence. Very light and accessible to all.

Ufo Hero and Ufo Pink Hero

The stiffest inflatable wing foil board on the market. It seems like a play on words, but if you take a look at its technical characteristics you will be amazed. Suitable for everyone, beginners/intermediates in the large sizes, experts in the small sizes!


Our composite board, for those who absolutely want the best without any compromises.