Ufo Hero, a name ,a program.

Discover the new Ufo Hero, a board in which we have enclosed everything that current inflatable board technology could offer.

International Wing Festival, Marina Julia, Italy

Sun, fun and lots of Wing. They were three wonderful days in a context, the beach of Marina Julia, Monfalcone, which was nothing short of stupendous. Event organized by the Marina Julia Windsurfing Association and the always volcanic Ezio Ferin.

Surf Festival Fehmarn, Germania. Reptile present!

Action, relax, party, lifestyle, and... Reptile! Once again, we were present at the largest European Surf Festival, showcasing our entire collection of wing foils, stand-up paddles, and windsurfing equipment. Many friends, many new enthusiasts, and lots of fun!

Stand Up Paddle, magic moments with a unique atmosphere.

With summer just around the corner, coastal and lakeside towns unveil breathtaking panoramas. The azure of the sea blends with pastel hues of buildings, creating a unique atmosphere.

Sup I-Cruiser. A break from the world.

Have you ever wished for a break from the world? No, I'm not crazy. I love the world and its inhabitants, but sometimes I wish they would all vanish for a while. The I-Cruiser has the power to create this magic and make you feel your best.

Presentation of the Reptile Sup 2024 Collection: Spring Sup Race

At the wonderful 2024 Spring Sup Race edition at Lago delle Nazioni, we took the opportunity to present the new 2024 Sup collection to all attendees. Among the I-Pocket, I-Cruiser, and I-Racer, you'll also spot an exciting novelty for flight enthusiasts!

Sup I-Pocket, Emotion Generator.

With the I-Pocket board, the experience of SUP becomes magical: lightweight, maneuverable, perfect for gliding the sea with grace and elegance

Reptile Impact Vest. Protected from impacts and cold!

The new Impact Vest is the perfect gear for your days at the sea! Whether you're into SUP, wing foil, or wakeboarding, you'll always be protected from impacts and cold.

News 2024. New Aqua Glide foil. gliding as Long as Possible.

Discover the New Aqua Glide: The Key to Endless Flight. The perfect foil for riders of all levels, it offers stability, speed, and control. Thanks to its innovative design, it ensures an unparalleled flying experience, both in strong and light wind conditions.

Limited Special Offer: 15% Off on All Our 2024 Wing Range!

Until the end of March, take advantage of the 15% discount on the entire Wing Bora 2024 range, the high-performance wing ideal for wave riding, freeride, and freestyle. It is neutral and balanced for jumps and transitions.


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