Wing Foil : Reptile Wing Bora V2 @Defi Wing 2023- Report

La Défi is an extraordinary event that enchants all water sports enthusiasts, an experience that every sea lover should have at least once in their life. Initially dedicated to windsurfing, this regatta has expanded to include new classes, but has maintained...

Wing Foil : Reptile Wing Bora V2 @Defi Wing 2023

Two shots preceding the report of our rider Zeno Tarlao who participated in the 2023 Devi Wing last week, using the 2023 Bora V2 RH 3.0Full report tomorrow!

Do you dream of jumping like this? Wing Bora V2, maximum possible lift

If your dream is to jump high, with 15 knots, flat water… wing foiling is your sport. Wing Bora V2.

The doors are always open for the new PRO-tagonists! Join the team!

Our ideal team is not made up only of athletes who live to compete, but of enthusiasts who want to be part of our family, who want to bond with Reptile and help it grow in visibility. Sport and social media go hand in hand, and 15/30 seconds of reel per week, or a few photos, reports, feedback on the materials to be included in our social media program are worth as much to us as an excellent performance in the world cup.

Wing foil inflatable board Reptile I-Ufo.

The best inflatable wing foil board on the market, with 90% performance similar to a rigid board. Flying will be very easy and accessible to everyone, with the new I-Ufo inflatable wing boards collection.

Wing foiling : Why is wing foiling becoming popular?

Wing foiling is becoming popular for several reasons:   1- Easy to learn: Wing foiling is relatively easy to learn compared to other water sports such as surfing or kiteboarding. With a few hours of practice, most people can get up and ride on the board.    2- Versatile: Wing foiling can be done in various water conditions, from flat lakes to choppy ocean waves, making it a versatile sport suitable...

Wing Tutorial: one handed jibe

Since I started winging about 3 years ago, I've always had wings with soft handles anddespite repeatedly trying hard handles, I've never adapted to them.

I-Ufo Zero Wing Foil Board: the future starts here

Huge success at the Sottocosta Nautical Fair for the new wing foil board I-Ufo Zero, the board that will allow you to learn wing foil in a few hours.

Event : Reptile Sports at Pescara Boat Show, 6th and 7th of May

We are pleased to inform you that Saturday 6th and Sundy 7th we will be present with our Stand at the Pescara Boat Show. Come and visit us, to touch all the new 2023 Reptile Sports, wing foil and Sup.

Wing foil: La tavola giusta per ognuno di noi


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