Reptile, the watersport style.

The new wing Bora V2 takes another step in the direction of the universe of aerodynamics which inspires it, paying homage to one of the most impetuous winds that hit the plains first, and then the coasts, of the territory that sees its birth and its development. A tribute to Trieste, its sailing tradition and its successes, a springboard towards new adventures. The wing Bora is the wing of the pioneers of this new sport of today and tomorrow, of those who know how to seize the opportunities to project the man, the waterman, the wingfoiler higher and higher.

Wing Selector: rigid handles or soft handles?

With the wing Bora V2 and the wing Bora V2 RH we give the possibility to choose whether to buy a wing with three soft handles (semi-rigid) or with long rigid handles.

The three soft handles almost entirely cover the strut and allow you to grab the wing in any position, navigate with one hand and perform multiple freestyle evolutions. Being soft they do not damage the board in case of impact. The wing is lighter. They are suitable for everyone, from the beginner who has to grab the wing everywhere to the freestyler who has to perform the most radical rotation.

soft handles Reptile Bora V2

The two long rigid handles on the other hand give the wing a further step of rigidity, control and precision in transitions. They are long, the longest on the market, and positioned with minimal space between them so that they are almost considered a boom. The feeling is incredible, a sensation of direct control of the wing and an ability to execute even more precisely the passages of the wing in the wind. The wing preferred by those who love to do long edges, by those who do slalom. Also perfect for wave and freestyle.

rigid handles wing Bora V2