New Wing Range 2025 Online! Wing Alpha, the wing of tomorrow's champions!

Considering the rapid development of wing foiling, we prefer not to overstock and flood the market with outdated equipment at the end of the season. Instead, we continuously update our products to always offer you the best.

Sup I-Racer Junior. The board for young champions!

If you want your kids to truly enjoy an innovative sport like SUP, don't settle for a simple inflatable bought at the supermarket! It would be like giving them a bicycle with flat tires.

Stand Up Paddle, magic moments with a unique atmosphere.

With summer just around the corner, coastal and lakeside towns unveil breathtaking panoramas. The azure of the sea blends with pastel hues of buildings, creating a unique atmosphere.

Sup I-Cruiser. A break from the world.

Have you ever wished for a break from the world? No, I'm not crazy. I love the world and its inhabitants, but sometimes I wish they would all vanish for a while. The I-Cruiser has the power to create this magic and make you feel your best.

Presentation of the Reptile Sup 2024 Collection: Spring Sup Race

At the wonderful 2024 Spring Sup Race edition at Lago delle Nazioni, we took the opportunity to present the new 2024 Sup collection to all attendees. Among the I-Pocket, I-Cruiser, and I-Racer, you'll also spot an exciting novelty for flight enthusiasts!

Sup I-Pocket, Emotion Generator.

With the I-Pocket board, the experience of SUP becomes magical: lightweight, maneuverable, perfect for gliding the sea with grace and elegance

Reptile Impact Vest. Protected from impacts and cold!

The new Impact Vest is the perfect gear for your days at the sea! Whether you're into SUP, wing foil, or wakeboarding, you'll always be protected from impacts and cold.

Watch Vincenzo Manobianco's Epic Guinness World Record: nr.20 360° Rotations on a Stand Up Paddleboard in Just One Minute

Watch the video of Vincenzo Manobianco's world record, completing 20 full 360° rotations on a Stand Up Paddleboard in just 60 seconds! An incredible feat that will leave you breathless and inspire you to push your limits on the water.

Guinness World Record with Vincenzo Manobianco and Reptile!

Spin like Vin! Our Vincenzo Manobianco, spearhead of our SUP team, enters history and the book of Guinness World Records, performing 20 rotations with the SUP board in one minute!

WET STORIES. Exploring the Bay of Wonders with Ginetta

In the picturesque Bay of Wonders, nestled between majestic cliffs and crystal-clear waters, lived a young adventurous girl named Ginetta. Ginetta was passionate about exploring the sea and all its beauties aboard her SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard), a long and stable board that allowed her to glide through the waves with agility and grace.


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