Everything is almost ready for the presentation of the new and incredible collection of inflatable SUP and wing foil boards.

There are just a few days left until the launch of the new and absolutely innovative 2024 collection of Stand Up Paddle and Wing Foil boards branded Reptile. Almost a year of testing and working with designers and technicians for what will be an absolutely incredible collection, both in terms of design, technical details, graphics and performance. Stay tuned!

The secret to learning Wing Foil in just a few hours? Aqua Lift, the foil for those who need to start and progress.

The market is full of foil of all shapes, sizes and colours. For beginners it is not easy to orient yourself, and the mistake is around the corner. We suggest a platform that allows, once the first knowledge has been acquired, to proceed towards a quick and fun upgrade.

Podium for Vincenzo Manobianco at the ICF SUP World Championships in Thailand!

Vincenzo Manobianco took the Reptile Cobra Pro to the third step of the most important race of the whole season. A third place achieved at the ICF World Championships, an incredible race for our athlete from Bari!

Magic Moments in Pattaya, Thailand

Vincenzo Manobianco, team Rider Reptile is excited for the start of the ICF SUP World Championship in Pattaya. Some shots from the beach which in less than 15 hours will be a battlefield for 900 athletes from all over the world.

2023 ICF Stand Up Paddle World Championship in Pattaya, Thailand. Reptile is there, with Vincenzo Manobianco!

Everything is ready for the most important SUP competition of the year, in Pattaya, Thailand. From 15th to 19th November. 49 nations, 900 athletes. Very high level. Representing Reptile will be the champion Vincenzo Manobianco, with the new Cobra 100 83. Vincenzo will keep us updated with photos and news from Pattaya!

Wing Foil Reptile: 50 words for 50 reasons to try it. #21 Mental Focus

There are a million good reasons to practice Wing Foiling, we've picked 50 of them. And we've picked just 50 words for each reason, so you can get right on the water. #21 Mental Focus

SUP Reptile: 50 words for 50 reasons to try it. #22: Enhances proprioception

There are a million good reasons to practice Stand up paddle, we've picked 50 of them. And we've picked just 50 words for each reason, so you can get right on the water. #22: Enhances proprioception

Wing Foil. Are you ready to go from Zero to Hero? little spoiler 2024...

With wing foiling, going from beginner to expert in just a few months is surprisingly easy and effortless and suitable for everyone: women, men and children. In the photo an inflatable board. Ask your friend at the beach, who recommends the rigid one, to send us a photo like this!

How we do it! Why are our windsurfing masts the best?

The source of excelleceUnidirectional carbon fiber, biaxial, epoxy resin… The choice of materials is an essential link in the production chain which, step by step, leads to the creation of exceptional products. It is therefore not surprising that the selection of the best materials made by Reptile Sports follows extremely strict criteria. Each mast is made with materials chosen with care and constantly examined to ensure unsurpassed performance and flawless aesthetics.

Try to be the fastest! and don't miss this opportunity! Wing Foil!

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