Windsurf Trip.A trip to Viana, Portugal.

Holidays, an element of the equation that allies with you to be able to play with the day-to-day organization and with the weather conditions for windsurfing. And at that moment we were, suddenly a good forecast on the horizon, just one detail to take into account, the graceful spot was about 10 hours away and about 10,000 km.

Pro-tagonists Pictures: Michele Laurenza ready for the windsurf season with Reptile.

Spring is upon us and our team of Protagonists is warming up the engines in view of the Windsurf, Wingfoil and Sup events. As you can see, Michele is ready, charged and motivated with his new Reptile Fibra 100 SDM windsurf masts. Whether fin or foil, the top in windsurfing masts. May it be a great 2023!

Pro-tagonists Pictures: All in spots

All of us, all over the world, have "the spot" that spot that works very rarely, normally very sensitive to changes in the direction of the wind and the sea, in which we have more failures than successes, but when you succeed...

Pro-tagonists Pictures: Daniele Di Rosa at Jaws, Hawaii

Do you know what is the right direction in life? The one of dreams. You must never give up on a dream! And when we look at these photos of Daniele Di Rosa we understand that he has chosen to live a wonderful dream.


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