Holidays, an element of the equation that allies with you to be able to play with the day-to-day organization and with the weather conditions for windsurfing. And at that moment we were, suddenly a good forecast on the horizon, just one detail to take into account, the graceful spot was about 10 hours away and about 10,000 km.

With two small children disappearing for a few days to windsurf is not always easy, but fortunately everything was taking shape, the family encouraged me to escape, 2 friends: Jose Luis Mr. Rock and surf board repair and Carlos Pro joined the plan and the forecast was becoming stronger and more stable. With this scenario, there was no doubt: Viana do Castelo, let's go!!!!

Van loaded with the toys and the journey begins. 10 hours of laughter and expectations, 10 hours of imagination and planning, 10 hours divided into conversations, music, old memes and the occasional stop... until we reached Viana.

What do we find there? Well, neither more nor less than expected: a good swell and increasing side wind.

Carlos rig 4.5, Jose Luis, injured, doesn't hesitate to take the camera and spend the whole day capturing the moments and I rig 4.0, let the party begin!!!

Waves everywhere, wind whatever you wanted and a density of water traffic worthy of a large Asian city. No rule or order. We adapt to this chaos and take advantage of it, but it is undoubtedly dangerous and the rules of priority should be clearer.

A little break and back to work.

After an intense day it was time to rest.

The next day the script marked us a day very similar to the previous one, in which the great phrase of "eat, sleep, surf, repeat" was fulfilled perfectly. Again 4.0 and let’s go!

Surf, surf and more surf, the occasional jump and traffic density.

With two very intense days, the third presented itself with our untrained and aged bodies beginning to be tired, in addition to the return trip in mind and very limited conditions with very little wind and waves made us wonder what to do. But our windsurfer heart was clear, go into the water!!! so we had one last express session and began the return trip with our bodies destroyed but happy and satisfied.

Special mention to Jose Luis, who, being injured, made the entire trip and every second, minute, hour that we were in the water he was out capturing it on camera.

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