The new development plan of our brand includes an enhancement of the team and the contributions it can bring to the brand.
Our ideal team is not made up only of athletes who live to compete, but of enthusiasts who want to be part of our family, who want to bond with Reptile and help it grow in visibility. Sport and social media go hand in hand, and 15/30 seconds of reel per week, or a few photos, reports, feedback on the materials to be included in our social media program are worth as much to us as an excellent performance in the world cup.
Our ideal rider must not be the first in the class who always wins, but must be the point of reference for his group of friends, he must be the positive person who naturally transmits his passion to others, who lives for our sport but also a normal everyday life, made up of study, work and leisure.
We want our riders to be "emotion influencers". With our program and product range we want to bring more and more new people to the water, to the sup, windsurfing, wing foil.
Our vision, our work on the products combined with your enthusiasm, your feedback, your visibility and passion will give Reptile a boost to grow even more and to establish itself as one of the reference brands in water sport from the point of view of perception and active involvement.
It's not about a job, it's about dedicating a few tens of minutes to each Reptile session. In exchange for this, as the first step we offer very special prices to those who start this adventure with us.

We grow, you grow. We’re quite different than many brands around the world, we have a clear vision of how the market is moving, what the people are looking for, and how the marketing and distribution rules are changing.
Are you ready to be part of this vision? Are you ready to #flyreptile and #ridereptile?

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