Wing Bora 2024

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wing reptile bora 2024
wing reptile bora 2024
Wing soft handle Reptile Bora V2
Wing Bora 2024
Wing soft handle Reptile Bora V2
wing reptile bora 2024
wing reptile bora 2024
Wing soft handle Reptile Bora V2
Wing Bora 2024
Wing soft handle Reptile Bora V2

Wing Bora 2024 semi-rigid handles, the high performance Wing, optimal in wave riding, freeride and freestyle, neutral and balanced in jumps and transitions.

  • 3.0 m2
  • 4.2 m2
  • 5.0 m2
  • 6.0 m2
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WING 3.0
WING 4.2
WING 5.0
WING 6.0


Welcome to the exciting Wing Bora 2024 project, where innovation meets refinement. Our designers have carefully enhanced the already impressive features of the previous model, incorporating feedback from our dedicated community of riders. We prioritize reliability, power, stability, and lightweight design, ensuring top-notch performance without compromising on style. Join us in embracing the new Wing Bora and experience the thrill of being back on the water. Don't settle for boredom; choose Reptile for your next adventure.

what's new??


3.0 mq

4.2 mq

5.0 mq

















more lift

The height between tip and strut has been reduced to give even more lift, both in the starting phase and in the jumps.

more tension

Thanks to several design tricks, the 2024 Bora has even more tension in the trailing edge. This upgrade allows for better performance in light wind conditions.

reduced wingspan

The Bora 2024  has a wingspan  reduced by 5 to 15 cm compared to the previous model, which guarantees superior stability and prevents the tips from touching the water when starting.

nuova segmentazione leading edge

Una nuova segmentazione dei pannelli della leading edge rendono il nuovo Bora ancora più rigido nella parte centrale, mentre i tip rilasceranno le raffiche in eccesso dolcemente.

more power

Thanks to the unique "S" strut, the profile of the 2024 Bora is even deeper, providing power at the front and releasing excess wind thanks to the rear shape.

One Pump System

The 2024 Bora is also equipped with the "One Pump" system, the connection tube that transmits air from the Leading edge to the strut.

kevlar reinforcements

All exposed seams and terminals are protected by a resistant anti-abrasive Kevlar fabric, which will protect your wing from accidental impacts.

micro battens

Two mini battens on each side of the wing to eliminate the "flapping" effect and to guarantee optimal performance in Up wind.

new inflate valve

Maximum precision in inflation and speed in deflation. The best on the market.

2 years warranty

Like all Reptile products, 2 year warranty against manufacturing defects.

for what??

budget friendly

say what??

what's in the box

cool backpack

Each wing is equipped with a comfortable and functional backpack, with a breathable side to avoid humidity. Inside the backpack there is also the repair kit.

pro leash dyneema

The most resistant and reliable wing foil wrist leash on the market. In Dyneema.

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What size Wing to choose?

Leaving aside all the beach talk, there are three elements to consider when choosing the correct size of your wing: your weight, the intensity of the wind and your technical level.

Rigid handles or soft (semi-rigid) handles?

With the Bora V2 wing and the Bora V2 RH wing we give the possibility to choose whether to purchase a wing with three soft (semi-rigid) handles or with long rigid handles.

The three soft handles cover almost the entire strut and allow you to grip the wing in any position, navigate with one hand and perform multiple freestyle evolutions. Being soft they do not damage the board in the event of an impact. The wing is lighter. They are suitable for everyone, from the beginner who needs to grab the wing everywhere to the freestyler who needs to perform the most radical rotation.

The two long rigid handles on the other hand give the wing a further step of rigidity, control and precision in transitions. They are long, the longest on the market, and positioned with minimal space between them so as to be considered almost a boom. The feeling is incredible, a sensation of direct control of the wing and an ability to perform even more precise wing passages in the wind. The wing preferred by those who love to do long edges, by those who do slalom. Also perfect for wave and freestyle.

Wing with window or without window?

For the Bora V2 wing we chose a windowless construction, which gives the wing a lighter weight and better performance. Flying with the wing offers the rider a very broad view of what surrounds him given the position of the wing during cross-wind and upwind flight. In the waves then the windows are not necessary, since you surf keeping the wing behind you or next to you. The general duration of the wing is also higher.

How much to inflate the wing?

Do not inflate the wing beyond the recommended pressure. Too high a pressure won't make you go faster, on the contrary. Have you ever tried to inflate your car tires to too high a pressure? wear out your tires and don't hold the road. Have you ever windsurfed with an extra stiff mast, or rigged the sail beyond the limit? the result is always the same, loss of performance. The wing has been designed to remain rigid in some points and flex in others. Don't pay too much attention to beach chatter, otherwise, when the wing breaks out, you'll send the bill to the homes of professors in flip-flops.


What damages does the warranty cover?

Every Reptile Sports product is subjected to rigorous quality controls during every single production phase. Each product is carefully checked to ensure that the technical characteristics comply with specifications. Non-compliant products are NOT placed on the market but destroyed.

​The warranty covers production defects and/or material defects with a duration of twenty-four months (24) from the date of purchase, in the case of sale to the direct user.

 This date must be proven by a delivery document issued by the seller (e.g. receipt), which contains: the delivery date, the name of the seller, the identification details of the same (type, model).

 Major defects in materials and workmanship

​Defects in materials, and in particular in carbon composites, are normally highlighted in the initial use phase. If a product is defective (and this can happen), it breaks after a few outings. Breakages that occur after months of use are unlikely to be attributable to material or production defects, but rather to impacts or stress following poorly executed maneuvers, impact with the seabed, or shakes in the waves. This does not mean that the guarantee is not recognized, but that it may be necessary for us to carry out a greater analysis of the damaged parts to understand whether the nature of the breakage occurred due to defect or incompetence.

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