Leash Stand Up Paddle

Leash for wing and stand up paddle boards.

Leash for wing and stand up paddle boards.

Sup Leash developed by Reptile Sports, Coiled model, specific for Sup and Wingfoil. Measure 10'


Product Details



Leash for wing and stand up paddle boards.

Very comfortable, resistant, it can be fastened to the ankle or below the knee. Thanks to its rolled, coiled shape, it always stays out of the water.

Length: 10 '(300 cm in total extension)

Tube diameter: 6 mm

Material: 100% Vinyl Acetate

Anklet lined with soft Neoprene

Safe Close closure with velcro

Stainless steel swivels

Easy Lock



The Leash is our lifeline. Our beloved sea can always reserve unexpected surprises for us and the leash is the only thing that will keep us tied to the table in case of need. It can also prevent other people from getting hurt if you lose your board in the middle of the waves or during a wingfoil session. This is why we always recommend that you check the state of wear of the leash well, and eventually replace it with a new one.


We always recommend, where possible, to rinse the equipment with fresh water after use in the sea or ocean. Furthermore, UV rays are harmful to any plastic material, so keep the accessories away from the sun's rays when not in use.


Reptile Sports is a brand and company of waterman enthusiasts and professionals in the fields of marketing, research and development and design. Each of our objects, from the screw to the board, passing through the masts and the wing, is carefully developed, produced, tested, put on the market and above all used by ourselves, starting from our CEO up to the team of athletes. The product you are using has therefore been subjected to endless hours of stress. Everything can be broken, but let's just say that we prefer this not to happen. And our products are built this way.



What damage does the warranty cover?

Each Reptile Sports product is subjected to rigorous quality controls during every single production phase. Each product is carefully checked to ensure that the technical characteristics comply with the specifications. Non-compliant products are NOT placed on the market but destroyed.
The warranty covers manufacturing defects and / or material defects with a duration of twenty-four months (24) from the date of purchase, in the case of sale to the direct user.
 This date must be proven by a delivery document issued by the seller (e.g. receipt), in which the following appear: the delivery date, the name of the seller, the identification details of the same (type, model).
 Main defects in materials and workmanship
The defects of the materials, and in particular of the carbon composites, are normally highlighted in the initial use phase. If a product is faulty (and this can happen), it breaks down after a few exits. Breakages occurred after months of use, are hardly attributable to defects in material or production, but rather to shocks or stress following poorly executed maneuvers, impact with the seabed, whirled in the waves. This does not mean that the guarantee is not recognized, but that it may be necessary for us to carry out a greater analysis of the damaged parts to understand if the nature of the break occurred due to a defect or inexperience.

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