Leash Stand Up Paddle

Leash for wing and stand up paddle boards.

Leash for wing and stand up paddle boards. SUP Leash developed by Reptile Sports, Coiled model, specific for SUP and Wingfoil. Measure 10'


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Dive into the versatility of our SUP/WING leash, a reliable companion that adapts to every adventure. Initially designed for paddleboarding, it ensures a secure connection between you and the board in open waters. But its true magic unfolds when you switch to the wing. This sturdy leash becomes the essential anchor that secures your board during aerial maneuvers and high-intensity sessions. Dual life, maximum reliability: our leash is crafted to let you explore without limits, providing security both on the waves and in the air. Choose a companion that fits your style, no matter the adventure you're about to embark on.

Length: 10' (300 cm in total extension)
Tube diameter: 6 mm.
Material: 100% Vinyl Acetate
Ankle lined with soft Neoprene
Safe Close closure with velcro
Stainless steel swivels
Easy Lock

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