SUP inflatable I-Cruiser

SUP inflatable I-Cruiser
Sup inflatable Reptile I-Cruiser
Sup inflatable Reptile I-Cruiser
Sup inflatable Reptile I-Cruiser
Sup inflatable Reptile I-Cruiser
Sup inflatable Reptile I-Cruiser
Sup inflatable Reptile I-Cruiser
Sup inflatable Reptile I-Cruiser
SUP inflatable I-Cruiser
Sup inflatable Reptile I-Cruiser
Sup inflatable Reptile I-Cruiser
Sup inflatable Reptile I-Cruiser
Sup inflatable Reptile I-Cruiser
Sup inflatable Reptile I-Cruiser
Sup inflatable Reptile I-Cruiser
Sup inflatable Reptile I-Cruiser

Inflatable SUP Reptile I-Cruiser, complete package. The ideal paddleboard for cruising, long nature-immersed paddles, and adventure. Stable, fast, rigid, and reliable, it comes complete with every accessory at an excellent price for an unparalleled SUP experience.

Select the SUP board
  • 11'0''x32''x6'' (335x81 cm)
  • 12'0''x31''x6'' (366x79 cm)
  • 12'0''x33''x6'' (366x86 cm)
preorder! Available from August 24

Product Details

Included accessories
Leash board Reptile
Paddle Cobra Alu Adj.3-pcs
Repair Kit
Reptile Double Action pump
Reptile Trolley Deluxe


Introducing the all-new I-Cruiser, the explosive fusion of I-Pocket relaxation and I-Racer performance. Here we don't give importance to the seconds on the clock, but to the distance traveled and the energy we have absorbed from the sea.

Watch the I-Cruiser glide across the water as its nose cuts through the surface effortlessly, delivering a smooth, unstoppable glide. This isn't just a SUP board, it's a silent force driven by a gentle keel that doesn't know the meaning of slowing down. Crafted in L.D.D. (Light Double Dropstitch construction) - durable, rugged and incredibly cool - the I-Cruiser sports an optimized waterline, with a slim nose and tail that transform every paddle stroke into a masterpiece of flatwater propulsion. Ideal for those never-ending epic tours.

But wait, there's more! This SUP board rocks the new Generation Wet style and comes with a paddle, leash and the all-new premium wheeled backpack, because your adventures should be just as cool out of the water as in. Get ready to ride the sea of the Wet Generation with the Reptile I-Cruiser, where distance meets a new level of style.

What size board do I choose

  • 11'0''x32'' You are light, fit, with little SUP experience. Obviously choose this one!
  • 12'0''x31'' Are you fit and want to go fast, and far? Choose this one!
  • 12'0''x33'' The water is too wet for you, you want to bring your Dog best friend or someone else to sit, and falling off the SUP isn't in your plans? Choose this one!

what's new??










290 LT.

300 LT.

360 LT.





Fin click and go!

The I-Cruiser is equipped with a race fin very quick to assemble. No tools needed!

L.D.D. construction

The material used for the I-Cruiser is the new Light Double Dropstitch, a latest generation material that replaces the old Single Layer. Less weight, excellent rigidity, and absolute ease of storing it in the backpack.

Easy Fast outline

The pointed nose offers little resistance to water while the square tail improves stability even in slightly rough sea conditions.

smart inflation valve 2.0

The inflation valve is positioned on the bow of the board to make putting the SUP in the backpack extremely quick.

Cool-grooved Pad

We have developed a new pad, the Cool-Grooved pad, which is much more comfortable for the feet and has a phenomenal grip.

deck net

Integrated and cool Deck Net to attach luggage.

for what??

budget friendly

say what??

What's in the box?

Trolley bag

Exclusive premium roller backpack to carry the board, paddle, leash and pump with you.

Backpack measurements: 90x45x25 cm.

double action pump

With this pump you can inflate the board in a few minutes!

Cobra alu paddle

The Cobra Alu paddle could not be missing, divisible into three pieces, which when disassembled can be carried in the backpack.


The leash could not be missing, for your safety and that of others. Always use the leash, to never lose the board.

wet gallery



Once your SUP board is lying on the ground, open the inflation valve cap and check that the small valve nozzle is in the "high" position, and therefore it can let in air but cannot let it out. If it is in the "low" position, rotate it slightly to make it snap up. Now take the Reptile Double Action pump, screw the hose onto the coupling with the word OUT and insert the other end into the inflation valve of the board, turning the coupling clockwise to lock the hose. Inflate the board to a pressure of 15/18 PSI. Tip: To speed up the inflation operation, close the small red (or black) valve on the pump. In this way you will pump the air inside the board both outward and in return. When you begin to feel fatigue and the board is 80% inflated, open the small valve of the pump to use it in a classic way and complete the inflation.
Disconnect the pump from the board (if you have done everything right the air will not come out!) and close the valve.


To insert the fin, first of all you need to insert the small plate inside the slot of the fin, positioning it forward, in the direction of the tip of the board. Now insert the fin from the end with the two metal tips. Slide it inside the rail, towards the tail of the board. then lower the fin, insert the screw in the hole and screw it to the plate previously inserted.


The leash is your lifesaver, wearing it you will never lose the board in case something unexpected happens. Fasten it below the knee, and the other end to the special steel ring placed on the back of the board.
You are ready to go, start kneeling, in the center of the board, and as soon as you get some confidence, get up. Don't be rigid, falls into the water don't hurt! Good fun!


After a wonderful day of SUP, it's time to deflate the board. Unscrew the safety cap of the valve, press firmly a finger on the valve nozzle and you will feel the air coming out with force. Rotate the nozzle slightly to lock it in the "low" position. The air will come out, while you, after removing the fin, fold the board. In 1 minute, you will complete the operation and you will have placed the I-Ufo in the functional Trolley. When you look up, satisfied, you will see your neighbor still tying his hard board to the roof of his car ... Life is better with Reptile!


An Inflatable SUP Board is very durable. Compared to a rigid board, it resists very violent impacts. But it is not indestructible. To try to make it last as long as possible and, in the first place, to make your session safe, it needs a minimum of care and attention.
- Absolutely avoid sharp surfaces, so watch out for rocky bottoms or mussels.
- Do not leave the board exposed to the sun for a long time when not in use. UV rays deteriorate any plastic material, causing the PVC to lose its elastic properties. Furthermore, the temperature greatly increases the air pressure inside the table with the danger of permanent deformation or breakage. If possible, store it in the shade. It is a one-minute operation that gives years of life to your board.
- If you do not deflate the board after each use, decrease the pressure to about 10 PSI. It will take a few strokes of the pump next time to bring it back to 15/18 PSI. In this way the life of the table will lengthen a lot.


What damage does the warranty cover?

Each Reptile Sports product is subjected to rigorous quality controls during every single production phase. Each item is weighed and measured to ensure that the technical characteristics comply with the specifications. Non-compliant items are NOT placed on the market but destroyed.
The warranty covers manufacturing defects and / or material defects with a duration of twenty-four months (24) from the date of purchase, in the case of sale to the direct user.
 This date must be proven by a delivery document issued by the seller (e.g. receipt), in which the following appear: the delivery date, the name of the seller, the identification details of the same (type, model).
 Main defects in materials and workmanship
The defects of the materials, and in particular of the carbon composites, are normally highlighted in the initial use phase. If an item is faulty (and this can happen), it breaks after a few exits. Breakages occurred after months of use, are hardly attributable to defects in material or production, but rather to impacts or stress following poorly executed maneuvers, impact with the seabed, whirled in the waves and finally inexperience. This does not mean that the guarantee is not recognized, but that it may be necessary for us to carry out a greater analysis of the parts in question to understand if the nature of the break occurred due to construction problems, wear or inexperience.

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