Sup fin us box
Sup fin us box
Sup fin us box
Sup fin us box

SUP fin US box. SUP fin made with PVC, supplied with all Reptile Sports SUP boards. US Box, compatible with all boards on the market.


Product Details



Superlight PVC SUP fin, medium flex for allround SUP boards. Crafted to cut through the water with precision, this fin is the key to a seamless ride. Each paddle stroke is powered up, elevating your paddleboarding to new levels of control and performance.
Navigating through idyllic bays, the fin provides a reliable guide. Discover hidden corners and secret retreats with the fin propelling you forward, ready for endless adventures.
The sea becomes your playground, and this fin is your secret weapon. Long strokes have never been so powerful, with the fin propelling you forward through calm waters, creating a perfect blend of excitement and control.
Under the open sky, the SUP fin becomes your perfect travel companion. Gear up for an unforgettable ride as the fin offers the power and precision you need to dominate every wave. Let yourself be swept away by adventure with this SUP fin that transforms every session into an exhilarating experience.

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