Wing foil Reptile R-foil
Wing foil Reptile R-foil
Wing foil Reptile R-foil
Wing foil Reptile R-foil
Wing foil Reptile R-foil
Wing foil Reptile R-foil

 Wing foil Reptile R-foil.

The simplest and most efficient wing foil rear stabilizer on the market, learning to fly with the wing foil in total safety has never been so quick and easy.

  • 40 cm
  • 54 cm

Product Details

Carbon 80%
40 cm
54 cm
Included accessories
Screws set
Skill level


Wing foil Reptile R-foil.

With a versatile shape, the R-Classic stabilizer works efficiently in low / medium wind speeds. Perfect for any discipline, Sup Foil, Surf Foil, kite Foil wind foil and wing foil.
Thanks to its very arched shape with the tips pointing downwards, this Stab rises very progressively and quickly with very little wind. Once in flight, together with the R-Classic front wing, it will have infinite floatation and control never seen before.



40 cm

54 cm


40x7,5 cm

54x9 cm





0,1 KG

0,25 KG


The two Classic stabs are part of the “Low aspect” category, designed exclusively for downwind / wave Sup, surfing, kite and Wing. The very curved shape of the rear wing gives the foil a lot of stability during flight, and above all a moderate / slow response to stress and maneuver changes, making it optimal in the learning and perfecting phase of flight.

Stab Classic 40 cm
The Reptile R-FOIL STAB 40 was developed for kite foil and wing foil with more sustained wind
The arched shape of the rear wing also prevents the two tips from escaping from the water, thus avoiding the rider's stall and relative catapult. In fact, the beginner still has to acquire the sensitivity to keep the foil immersed at a certain depth. With the R-Foil Classic all this is very simple.
• R-FOIL stab wing Classic
• Set of screws

Stab Classic 54 cm
The largest of the family, it matches the R-Foil Classic 2200. Powerful lift, slow and controlled movements, perfect for beginners and heavy riders.
• R-FOIL stab wing Classic
• Set of screws


The R-Foil Classic is made up of aluminum elements and carbon fiber elements.
The base plate, the mast and the fuselage are made of solid anodized aluminum which offer an unbeatable value for money.
The wings are instead made with an efficient mix of glass and carbon fibers, laminated and pressed at high pressure and temperature. Inside the wings there is a PVC core, which, combined with the glass and carbon fibers, gives the R-Foil Classic total rigidity.
The ends of the wings are rounded in order to minimize damage in the event of an accidental impact against the wing or feet. We wanted to put safety first. With the R-Foil Classic you will absolutely not be able to cut yourself.


• Anodized aluminum plate for US BOX connection
• Column in extruded anodized aluminum
• CNC machined aluminum fuselage
• Carbon front wing and rear stabilizer


The R-Foil Classic is the perfect foil to start practicing wing foil. Simple, safe, immediate, it will never anticipate your movements, and will lift slowly making you learn without stress.

For beginners of all ages. Suitable for all boards, perfect for centers, schools and anyone who wants to have fun and progress with the wing foil.

We have twenty years of experience in the design and development of windsurf masts and accessories. We live, breathe, exude R&D and carbon fiber, we have celebrated countless world cup victories thanks to the performance but also the reliability of our products. Now the company is 70% oriented on wing foil design, that's why #ridereptile and #flyreptile.


All the contact parts of the foil and the screws must be periodically disassembled and rinsed with fresh water. The salt can cause corrosion of the aluminum parts in contact with the carbon and steel of the screws.
We recommend using marine gels or grease to protect these parts from corrosion.


What damage does the warranty cover?

Each Reptile Sports product is subjected to rigorous quality controls during every single production phase. Each product is carefully checked to ensure that the technical characteristics comply with the specifications. Non-compliant products are NOT placed on the market but destroyed.
The warranty covers manufacturing defects and / or material defects with a duration of twenty-four months (24) from the date of purchase, in the case of sale to the direct user.
 This date must be proven by a delivery document issued by the seller (e.g. receipt), in which the following appear: the delivery date, the name of the seller, the identification details of the same (type, model).
 Main defects in materials and workmanship
The defects of the materials, and in particular of the carbon composites, are normally highlighted in the initial use phase. If a product is faulty (and this can happen), it breaks down after a few exits. Breakages occurred after months of use, are hardly attributable to defects in material or production, but rather to shocks or stress following poorly executed maneuvers, impact with the seabed, whirled in the waves. This does not mean that the guarantee is not recognized, but that it may be necessary for us to carry out a greater analysis of the damaged parts to understand if the nature of the break occurred due to a defect or inexperience.


- What size of Foil to choose?

Leaving aside all the beach talk, there are three elements to consider for choosing the correct size of your Foil: your weight, the intensity of the wind and your technical level.

-Is the Foil dangerous?
As in all sports, there is also a chance of getting injured in wing foil. To minimize this risk, we recommend protecting your head with a helmet and your body with an impact jacket.

-Which foil do I choose, the R-Foil Classic or R-Foil High?
For a beginner with no major windsurfing or kite foil experience, we recommend going on the R-Foil Classic. Its main feature is that it never anticipates the rider's movements, which results in greater control. It will never catch you unprepared, its every movement is intuitive and slow. Perfect for those who need to learn
For the more agile and with a good experience in windsurfing and / or athletic training, they recommend starting with the High. Faster in its movements, it accelerates and is responsive, much faster than its Classic cousin.

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